Monday, June 1, 2009

Hailey's 2 Year Old Birthday Party!

Sorry for the delay in posting the pictures from Hailey's birthday party, but we have been super busy with softball season and all the other things we are please forgive me. As you can tell from the pictures we had a great time with all of Hailey's friends. It was such a blessing to be able to have her party at my mom's church that has a huge indoor play facility. It was also all inclosed so that was nice to keep the kids contained! From the very start all the kids were in there playing none stop until it was time to go. We did take time eat some cake and other goodies. We also had a cake for her friend William who has the same birthday as Hailey, so it was nice to have them there with us and celebrating both of the kids birthday. From the pictures you can tell that she has a lot of boy friends who are her age, so we really need to find some other friends who have girls! Some of the little kids that were there include Ian (he is the one that she is walking out holding hands with), Owen (friend from church he is wearing the red shirt), Grady (he is in green and white shirt, I know them from high school/college), and then William (green shirt with a truck on it, I meet them through church as well). So all in all we had a wonderful time together with our friends and really had a great time letting the kids play together. Little Ian didn't want to go and when his mother tried to explain to him that he needed to go home and go to bed, he proceeded to tell her that he was not tired. He then woke up the next day and asked to go back to Hailey's birthday was so cute!

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