Thursday, October 25, 2007

Big Girl

We wanted to post some more recent pictures of Hailey trying to stand up all by herself and of her sleeping with her daddy. Each day she reminds us of how big she is getting as she tries something new....right now she is sitting up for short periods by herself. But she has not figured out that when she moves side to side she will fall over. It is so comical though to watch her as she tries to learn each new thing. She is talking non-stop now and still loves taking her 30 minute baths where she is kicking and playing the whole time. She is still trying to get her brother, Z, to let her play with him, but he is way to scared of her. She will get him though once she can walk. Well, Hailey and I will be leaving Monday to go to California to visit my cousin and her daughter Olivia. So please pray we have safe travel and a great time. We will be sure to post later about our trip.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Pictures!

We couldn't help but post this new picture of Hailey and Z playing in her bedroom. It was so cute because Z actually came into her room and laid by her. I couldn't believe it, he is starting to show us that he really does love his sister.

Here is a picture of Hailey holding her bottle all by herself, it was so cute because I didn't have to do it for her. She just naturally grabbed it and held it all by herself. She is getting so big!

The last picture is of Hailey eating her foot while she is in the bath tube, she really loves to eat those toes and it makes me laugh so much. She is always trying to put them in her mouth and she is getting pretty good at it.

Oh, just a note, I am sorry that these pictures never seem to be with the right caption, I can't seem to get it to work out that way. Please forgive me!

The Andersons

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Busy Month

We apologize for just now updating our blog and keeping you informed on how Hailey is doing, but we have been extremely busy lately. Hailey has had many first this last month and so we are going to try and highlight some of them. The first one was when she was able to go to the Indianapolis Zoo with her cousins Danny and Mia. It was such a wonderful day and not hot at all, so that made for a great afternoon of looking at all the animals. She had a wonderful time, but only made it through the dolphin show before she feel asleep. What can we say, she loves the outdoors and loves being pushed in her stroller. We are sure though that she had a wonderful time and will want to go back when she gets a little older.

Hailey also had a wonderful time getting to play with Danny and Mia while they were here from Iowa, Danny even called and asked for us to bring Hailey back to Mimi's house because he was missing was so cute!

Hailey also got to go to her first IU football game with Greg, Tyler, and Grandpa Danielson. She loved being the in suite and being able to play with her toys and watch the game. She had such a wonderful time getting to see some family members that she doesn't get to see very often. She feel asleep during the game, but it was only after she knew that IU had secured the win! She even wore her IU outfit, which we have now called it the teams "good luck charm." So she has to wear that outfit every time they play so they can make it to a bowl game...go Hoosiers!

Hailey is also enjoying the times she gets to cook with daddy, as you can see, she loves snuggling with daddy when he cooks. She is already taking notes and watching how her dinner is being made and she tries to help, even though it is not always helpful. But loves to be carried around!

Developmentally, she is doing great, she is now rolling over all the time and will roll from front to back and then from back to front. She loves to scoot on her bottom and will move all around her play area, so we really have to keep an eye on her now. She is still eating her toes and is now to the point of trying to get both feet into her mouth at one time....she has yet to accomplish this task, but she tries very hard. She is still enjoying her cereal, and will hold the bottle all by herself now, well until we get to the very end of the bottle and then she needs a little help.She is back to talking all the time now and I love the fact that she is doing that more now. She just loves to stare at you, no matter what you are doing because she doesn't want to miss out on anything. All in all, she is doing wonderful and we can't believe how much she is growing. She is doing wonderful and we are so thankful we can call her our daughter. The Lord continues to bless us and causes us to deepen our relationship with the Lord so we can teach our daughter about Him one day.

Well, sorry for this posting being so long, but I wanted to update you on how she is doing. I hope you are doing well and we will do better with the future posting.

The Andersons