Friday, August 17, 2007

Vacation Pictures

Well, seeing how some of our pictures were cut off, I decided to just post some more of our pictures from our trip. So I hope you all enjoy them, and can't wait to hear from you!

Great Grandpa Danielson's Picture

I wanted to publish this picture again since it was cut off from the newest posting. We were unable to figure out how to fix it, so it was easier to just publish the single picture.

Hailey's first vacation

What a trip....Hailey did so well for our first vacation together and I will highlight some of her favorite activities. First of all, she did so well on the plane and slept pretty much through the whole flight. The only time she was fussy was when we were descending. She slept on our shoulder pretty much the whole time, so that was such a huge relief seeing how her mommy stressed out over how she was going to do. She loved laying in her stroller when we would get off the flight and she was able to put her feet up and just kicking and play the whole time. She really enjoyed being able to stretch and not be held for a short while.

Hailey's favorite activity when we were at the house was swimming....even though she would fall asleep just about every time we put her in the pool, it was one of her favorite things to do. We were able to find her a sun boat that would shade her from the sun and even though she was too little to put her feet in the holes and sit up, she was able to lay down in the raft and kick her feet up. It worked out great to find this raft and she would lay in the raft and just relax some. She was so cute! She would just smile and laugh, but it was always followed by some good sleep out in the boat.

Hailey also got an opportunity to meet many of her relatives from Boston and was able to hang out with her relatives from Kokomo as well. She also loved having a morning with her Great Grandpa Danielson. They were able to spend a long time talking to each other and just laughing. Great Grandpa loved his morning with Hailey. She also got to spend a lot of time showing off for all her relatives and showing them just how cute she was.

Every night that we would go out to dinner, she would get dressed up and then fall asleep. She usually would sleep through the whole dinner, so that was a nice blessing to not have her fussy during dinner. But her sleep through the dinner usually meant a night with little sleep.

All in all, we were able to have a wonderful time on vacation and we couldn't have asked for Hailey to be any better. We are glad to be home since it was so hot there and get back to our schedule. We will continue to keep you all updated on Hailey's progress as she is growing so much. It is so hard to believe that she is 3 months now, how time flys. Thank you so much for those who have been praying for our safety, it was truly a wonderful vacation.

The Andersons