Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easter Fun!

Here are pictures of Hailey doing an easter egg hunt in Connersville with my family. As you can tell she was having a great time and loved dumping out the eggs each time she would find them all....of course she had some help from everyone, but at least no one was trampling her in persuit of finding every egg. I was honestly suprised that she kept wanting us to hide them as she is usually easy distracted. It was so fun to see my parents help her find all the eggs and take her all over the yard trying to pick them all up. Then after all the fun was over, she was able to rest and read books with my dad....she loves when you will sit down to read to her.
It is hard to believe that she will be turning two in less than a week, she has really grown so much over the last couple of months and has really blossomed into a beautiful little girl. She is such a joy to have in our life and we are so thankful for her every day, yes...even on those days when she trys every bit of patients I have. She is really starting to talk more and express exactly how she is feeling with everything. She still loves to say Daddie and Mommie. She also looks forward to those times when she can talk to John on the phone and she is following in her daddies foot step by pacing all over the house every time she talks to him. It is so funny to watch!
Well, we hope you are all doing well and we will post more later.
The Andersons<><

After My Own Heart.....

Well these pictures were taken during our Easter weekend with my Grandparents and it was so wonderful to have beautiful days to play outside. Here are some pictures of Hailey showing off for her Great Grandpa! I am so excited that she has really loved throwing a softball and hitting off of her tee. I promise I did not push her into doing this or pay her to take these pictures; she is so talented already and does such a great job hitting either right handed or left....she is pretty equally on both. I also love how much my Grandpa is smiling in all these pictures and how he is already bragging about his grand daughter. It is such a wonderful blessing to have Hailey be able to get to know her great grandparents and spend time with them. They are so special to me and has always followed my softball career, so maybe they will follow Hailey as well one day!