Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two Year Old Pictures.....

Here our Hailey's two year old pictures that we had done last week, when we went to get them done we thought this was going to be an easy process because usually when Hailey sees the lights flash, she is all smiles....well not this time. It didn't help that she didn't fall asleep until we pulled into the parking lot of Sears and then she was not really happy at first. While we were having them done, she was not wanting to smile or even sit where the lady told us to, so we were sure we had no good ones and that we just wasted our money....well we were suprised when she showed them to us, and we are pretty happy with them! We hope you guys enjoy looking at how much she has grown and also how much she still looks like her daddy!

Going to Church!

I couldn't help but post this picture of Hailey all dressed up for church, this was an outfit that her Aunt Carrie Andringa got her for Christmas. She looked so cute and even though we don't put pig tails in anymore we just love this picture. Hailey loves to go to church and play with all her friends. She gets mad at us now when we don't pray before dinner and you will find her sitting there in her highchair just waiting with her hands folded until we pray. It is so cute. She also loves to come up to us when we have our Bibles out and she will close them and proceed to pat them. This is something that her Sunday school class does and teaches them to pat the Bible. It was pretty cute at first, but when you are really trying to get some studying done, she makes it hard to do that. We even tried to give her a different book or something, but she is way too smart for that!

We are all doing well and just loving every minute we get to be together. We are so wonderfully blessed by God to have given us such a wonderful daughter, even though at times I want to pull my hair out, I am still very thankful that she is ours and that we have such a huge responisiblity to try to raise her up in a Christian home and allow her to learn about how much God loves her. What a wonderful calling in life to one day see your children grow up to serve the Lord.....I pray daily that the Lord will give us the wisdom and guidance to do this calling.

May God bless all of you and take care!

The Andersons<><