Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Death to the Computers

Okay, for all of you that keep up to date through out blog, we apologize. We have had a rough couple of months with the computer. We knew that we were going to have to get a new desk top in our computer room, but we were still trying to hold on to John's old computer that he had during college. Rest assured that it had multiple upgrades and a lot of new part on it. We were using out laptop all the time for most of our things any way and one night while John was working on his lesson for class, the tough old computer crashed for the last time. We were not even able to turn it on. So we had his cousin come over and help us try to save what we could, but there was no hope. So it took us a while to figure out what type of computer we were going to get and how much memory, and all the other important things you think about when buying a computer....we thought we had it all figured out, orderded and as soon as John hit the send button, the next day our laptop did the same thing and died completly. It was a rough night for us as we were panicked that all our pictures and eveything was on our laptop (yes we backed things up on our external hard drive) well we thought we did. So we are just now back up and running with two new computers and no pictures except for the ones we just took at Christmas. So we apologize for not putting any Halloween, or Thanksgiving posts, but we have had a rough time losing all our info. I promise to get some up soon and I hope that you are not having the time like we did with computers....God love em when they work right!