Friday, September 14, 2007

4 Month Check-Up

Hailey is now over four months old and we wanted to give you an update on her check up. She is now weighting in at 12 pound 6.5 ounces, this puts her in the 40% percentile for her weight. She is 24 3/4th inches in length, this however puts her in the 75% percentile for her length. So as you can see she has grown roughly about two inches and put on 3 pounds. She is doing so great. We also think she is going to keep her blue eyes! I think she looks a lot like John now, but she is always changing with each day.She is now eating cereal once a day and loves it. Even though it takes us a while to feed it to her because she is always trying to help me feed it to it can usually get really messy. But she is so funny when she is eating and it really makes our day to be able to watch her smile and giggle.

Hailey also went to her first wedding and had a great time. She wore her first ruffly dress and her first pair of black paten shoes! Needless to say she looked adorable...but we are bias!

Well, we hope you enjoy the newest update, please let us know how you are doing and stay in touch.

The Andersons

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Almost Four Months Old!

Hailey is now almost four months old and is growing so quickly. She loves sitting in her bumbo seat and is always wanting to sit up now. She does not like to lay down unless she is sleeping or playing on her play mate. She never wants to miss out on anything, so she is always watching and following everything we do.

She is sleeping through the night and we are still working on her getting in more of a routine during the day. She loves to play really hard for about an hour and then she will be very tired and take a nap. The problem is she is not always getting up at the same time and so we have a hard time making her take a nap if she isn't tired. But we are working on and it will get better.

I am proud to tell you that last Sunday she found her feet and now loves to do nothing but try to grab them. It took her a while to figure out how she could grab them without falling over, but she has figured it out and loves it. She also loves to have water poured on them when she is taking her bath and loves to have her feet kissed. There are times when she will just lift her legs straight up and stare at her feet....she is so funny!

Hailey also loves talking into her mirror and it makes her roll onto her side. Just today she would grab the little elephant on her play mate and then roll onto her side and kick it. It was so cute to see her do it and to watch her develop more and more with each day.

She truly makes each day a wonderful day, even when she throws fits, she is still such a joy to John and I. We are so thankful to be blessed with such a wonderful daughter and we love every moment together. This blog does not do full justice for how much she is growing and all the new things she is doing. But we try to keep everyone updated. We hope that you all find joy in reading her newest posting and please remember to always pray that she will one day see how much the Lord loves her and how He has made her in His image.

The Andersons