Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Death to the Computers

Okay, for all of you that keep up to date through out blog, we apologize. We have had a rough couple of months with the computer. We knew that we were going to have to get a new desk top in our computer room, but we were still trying to hold on to John's old computer that he had during college. Rest assured that it had multiple upgrades and a lot of new part on it. We were using out laptop all the time for most of our things any way and one night while John was working on his lesson for class, the tough old computer crashed for the last time. We were not even able to turn it on. So we had his cousin come over and help us try to save what we could, but there was no hope. So it took us a while to figure out what type of computer we were going to get and how much memory, and all the other important things you think about when buying a computer....we thought we had it all figured out, orderded and as soon as John hit the send button, the next day our laptop did the same thing and died completly. It was a rough night for us as we were panicked that all our pictures and eveything was on our laptop (yes we backed things up on our external hard drive) well we thought we did. So we are just now back up and running with two new computers and no pictures except for the ones we just took at Christmas. So we apologize for not putting any Halloween, or Thanksgiving posts, but we have had a rough time losing all our info. I promise to get some up soon and I hope that you are not having the time like we did with computers....God love em when they work right!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

COSI- Center of Sciene and Industry

Hailey and I had an opportunity to go with John to his course that he was taking for work in Columbus Ohio last weekend and after we had to check out of the hotel at noon, we had to find something to do until he was done at 5pm. So we went to a place called COSI. This was very similar to the Children's Museum in Indianapolis but it was a lot bigger. They had a place just for little kids where they could do a lot of pretending, climbing in this area that looks like a tree house, see turtles, and then of course her favorite area was the water. She was so wet when we were done, even though we had a rain coat on her, it really didn't work when you are pouring water down your shirt. Her other favorite area is the picture where there are animals on the wall and each of the buttons would make a sick noise when you pushed it. She would push the button and just laugh at it. It was pretty noisy when you had three or four kids pushing all the buttons, but she really enjoyed listening to each of the animals make a sick cough or sneeze. It was a neat little area for them. I was really impressed by all the different areas that they had and you could tell they were really trying to get the kids to imagine and learn about each of the areas. But it was a lot fun to let her run around and play with other kids there. She really had a good time and it was nice to take her to a new place to learn and just expand her learning.

Go Hoosiers!

Here are some pictures of Hailey at the football game. Taking her to games now are not as easy as it use to be when she was little and would just sit there and watch the game. Now she is always wanting to go outside the suite and run around. I guess we have to say we are very blessed that Grandpa Danielson has a suite and then we are able to take her with us. What a blessing to let her be involved in some of the things we enjoy. We also thought you might enjoy the pictures of her reading books with Sally Ravensburg, she had a wonderful time sharing some of her favorite books with her. We also took a picture of us with Grandpa and Grandma Danielson before they left the game....enjoy!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Random Pictures

Here are some of Hailey's new activities during the day, like taking Z's food and water and dumping it on the floor. She then thought it would be fun to throw it across the floor and then sit in it. It was funny at first, but after she thought it would be fun to try to eat it...we had to draw the line. Then she had a good time putting her sunglasses on and walking around like a princess. She was so cute as she use to never want to wear them and now she thinks they are the coolest thing. What a cutie.

The pictures of the cat is our newest member of our family, his name is Boots and we got him after we had to take Hailey to the doctor and have a procedure done. He is such a wonderful kitten and is so friendly. He lets Hailey pet him and he loves her....she spends a lot of the day back in the computer room watching and laughing at Boots. It was a good buy and it was actually John's idea who says he is not a cat person. We have come to the conclusion he is a softee and really does like cats, just never wanted to let us know.

AU Homecoming!

We had a wonderful timing hanging out at Anderson University the other day and we had a great opportunity to take Hailey to one of Elizabeth Turner's volleyball game. Even though Hailey was having more fun playing with the dog that was in the gym, it was still a lot of fun to get to see Elizabeth play. She did well and we had a wonderful time letting her run around the gym before the game. We sure do miss having Elizabeth watch Hailey, but we are so glad she is having a good year at AU. Go Ravens!

Who are you voting for?

John wanted to get a picture of Hailey sitting by his sign for Mitch Daniels the other day....he finally succeeded!

Bad Hair Day!

I know that this will probably haunt Hailey when she gets a little older, but we couldn't help. The other day, when she was still sleeping, we took a picture of her bed head. The funny thing is this is how her hair looks most of the days as she is someone who plays with her hair and then also rolls all over the bed at night. Hope it makes you laugh!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Time to Remember

Recently, I have been going through a lot of our old posts and so many of the pictures we had taken during the first year of Hailey's birth and think about all the many firsts she went through. I am so thankful and blessed that we have been able to enjoy all of Hailey's firsts and I can't be more happy to be a mom than I am right now. Even though it is so hard to not miss the days when she was first born and we could lay her on our lap and rock her to sleep. Or all the times we would just look at her and be in tears as she was such a little miracle and such a blessing. There are days that I miss her being that little, but I am so thankful for all the interacting she does with us now and just how much fun it is to go outside and run around with her. She is still our little girl and even though she is growing way to fast, we do still love every new first she does. We hope that you will enjoy the pictures we posted many of her first month at home, to her now....oh how time goes by too fast and how we should hold on to every minute we have with them as they grow way to fast!


We found this little basketball goal at a garage sale for a couple of dollars and we thought that Hailey may enjoy playing with it after we gave her some instructions on how to shoot and so forth....well we gave her a ball and before we knew it (actually the first time she shot the ball) she already knew how to score! From some of the pictures, you can see that she can palm the little ball, which is more than her mom could do, but she really enjoys playing with it. I love how she will hold on to the rim and then look at us as if she was saying, "this is way too easy." I can't tell you how smart of a little girl she is, she loves to learn and figure things out. She is such a huge blessing to us!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Pet and New Outfit

Hailey is really starting to do some new things, like walking her pet dog Brutus, on a leash. She loves to walk Brutus around all the time and it is so funny to see Z watch her and then go and sniff the stuffed animal. It was neat to see her actually start getting into some stuff animals and this pet dog was a gift to her from Nila and Rex. She loves to give him kisses and she will take him up to you and want you to hug and give some love to him. It is so cute to watch her play with it.

I also posted some pictures of her in her new Gap sweatshirt that we found. We had put this on her as we went outside for a walk and we just had to take a picture as we thought she was so cute! Of course we are a little bias, but we are so thankful for how well she is doing and just how she is such a ball of energy every day. She is so special to us and we are so thankful for her each day.

Hailey's Backpack

I couldn't help but post these new pictures of Hailey wanting to carry her own backpack. This is her backpack that we use when we are going on bike rides or for the nursery at church. She is just now really wanting to carry things and be so much more independent. It made me laugh how big the backpack looks on her, but she is still very cute carrying it around the yard.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Forget Me Not Photos

We recently had some family pictures taken for Hailey's first birthday and we thought we would post them on the blog so you could see them. Of course this is not all of them, but we didn't want to load all of them as it would take a while. We hope you enjoy them and that you are all doing well. Leave comments and let us know what you think!

The Andersons<><


Hailey and I were able to take a trip to Chicago to see the Denman's. We had such a wonderful time letting the girls play and we had such a wonderful time taking them around Chicago and letting them play at the playground. We has such a great time even though Hailey did not like Jade (their dog) at all and was scared at times to even get off the couch. So that was rough on all of us as Jade just wanted to show Hailey that she loved her. It was nice to be able to go and have some time with Denise just to talk and hang out. She is such a wonderful Christian lady and I am so thankful she is my cousin and friend. I am also very thankful that John allowed his girls to be gone for a couple of days and that he is so willing to allow me the opportunity to visit my friends. We hope you enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Did Someone Call For a Doctor?

Hailey recently got a little doctor set and ever since she got it she has loved to play with the stethoscope and the shot....it is amazing to me the things she enjoys playing with. She put the stethoscope around her neck and likes to run around the house with it and if it isn't around her neck, then she will carry it on her arm like a purse. She enjoys coming up to you and putting it somewhere on your body and act like she is listening. She is so cute and if she is really going to be a doctor we should start saving a lot more than we are now!!!

A Full Day

Here are just some pictures of Hailey playing throughout the day and finishing the day with a mess at dinner. Now that she is trying to be so independent, cleaning up takes a lot longer followed by clothes off and straight to the tube!