Thursday, November 12, 2009

Family Pictures and long over due update!

Okay so I am sure a lot of you out there are wondering why it has been so long since the last time we blogged.....well no good reason really, just a lot of other things that have occupied our time. Like being pregnant with twins, having a two year old running around and demanding my attention non-stop, organizing and preparing the house for the arrival of the twins, managing our Married for Keeps class at church and so forth. But I am happy to say that I am now updating and hope you enjoy it!

We wanted to share some of our pictures we had taken by Jill Cooper Photography, she is a friend who I met my freshman year at AU and we it was so much fun to reconnect with her and allow her to capture some moments with our growing family. She did a wonderful job getting so many of the moments and we are so thankful she was willing to do it. Thanks Jill!

Things are going well, Hailey is officially pacifier free and has been for a while now. John's aunt told us about cutting a small piece of the pacifier each week until she eventually has nothing left and gets rid of it. Well, after the first cut and some laughter from her mother, she threw it away or would hide it having no interest at all in it! So praise the Lord that it was a smooth and quick transition for her. We also are officially out of diapers and in big girl pants, this has also been very smooth for us and even though we did have some accidents she has done so well and is so proud of herself every time she goes. So we are so thankful that we have been blessed by such a bright little girl and God grace to get us through these big stages in her life (even though there are plenty more bigger hurdles ahead of us!). Hailey is talking non stop now and just a joy to be with, I love how she changes and grows so much every day. She is really becoming very athletic but also loves her baby dolls and she does a great job taking care of them which is so neat to see.

Well, this has been a long enough post for now, and I can't promise the next time I will post again...but I will work a little harder on it! Hope all is well and that the Lord is blessing each of you.

The Andersons<><

PS: Sorry for the lack of organization with the pics. We were struggling with the blogspot... maybe lack of practice