Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our Little...Not So Little Girl!

Hailey when she was just born.....and here she is around Thanksgiving....I just wanted to go back and post a comparison picture of our little girl. It doesn't seem like she should be turning two in May, how time flys by so quickly. We were hoping that we would be able to post on here and tell all of you we were pregnant again, but we had a miscarriage. I was almost 9 weeks along and lost the baby right before Valentines Day, Though we are grieving and really having a hard time with this some days, I can't help but look back at our precious little girl and thank the Lord for what a wonderful blessing she is to us. Each day she makes me laugh, want to pull my hair out, but she loves me unconditionally and that is so precious. The Lord has a plan for our life and a plan for us as to when we will have another child, so we are leaving it all in His hands and allowing Him to work through us. He is an awesome God and we are so thankful for the little girl He has already given us. We love you all!

Hailey and Grady

Hailey, Grady sitting on Newt's (Crystal Allen) lap as she is reading them a book. This is such a huge milestone for Hailey as before she wouldn't even get close to Grady without crying. The kids also had such a great time playing in the toybox, they loved to both climb in it, but of course neither of them could get out of it. They were so funny playing together and we are so thankful that they can play nice and not have one or the other screaming every time they get close together. The adults also had a fun time getting caught up on each others news and just hanging out. The boys played Rock Band for a lot of the night, and the girls just talked and took care of the kids. What a wonderful night. We are so thankful for our friends Jonathon, and Newt, we love every chance we get to hang out and fellowship together. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!