Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Total Mess

Okay, I promise this is my last post of the day, but I really needed to get all the pictures and activities up on the for all of those out there that give me a hard time about not posting, I think I have fulfilled my quota.

After we went to the zoo and then went to John's work to let Hailey spend some time with him, we came home and had some dinner. Well, Hailey is really into doing everything herself, even if it means a huge mess and everything going straight into the wash and taking her straight to the bath. She didn't want to eat her mac and cheese unless she did it herself and so that lead into her taking her plate and trying to lick it and then dumping it all out. Needless to say you can see from the pictures she was a mess, but she really did enjoy the time she made a mess. For those doubters out there, she really did eat a fair amount of mac and cheese. John and I were laughing hysterically as she was just kept getting more and more in her hair and on was pretty funny! And it kept her from crying through the whole dinner....the things you do to make them happy especially as she keeps trying to do everything on her own.

We hope you have enjoyed our new post and they have made you laugh.

The Andersons<><

Indianapolis Zoo

We are extremly blessed that John's parents have purchased the grandparents pass so they can spend time with their grandchildren and allow us the opportunity to go to the zoo and the Children's Museum. We took Hailey to the zoo yesterday and she loved it. We were able to see a lot of the animals and we even enjoyed out first train ride around the zoo. Even though we had to do a lot of getting her in and out of the stroller to show her the animals, she still really liked it. I was a little nervous as she started to cry when we were looking at the bear and trying to take a picture, but she recovered and had a wonderful time. She even cried when the rooster crowed, but all in all she had a wonderful time getting to see all the animals and play on the was so neat to be able to be together and do special things with her and make her days filled with special things.

Children's Museum

We had such a wonderful time taking Hailey to the Children's Museum and she just loved it. The nice thing about it is there is a place called Play Scape for children under the age of 5 and there are so many neat things for them to play with. She just loved it and we didn't even do all the things that were in there. She loved being able to play with her favorite things....water and sand. She also really enjoyed going down the slide which she has just started to like doing that. It was nice cause we went early in the morning and so there were not a lot of kids in there and so she was able to run and play. We all had a wonderful time going together and enjoying her first experience with the museum. We ever took her on her first carousel ride and she enjoyed it, only if she was clinching her mother! We wore her out so much that by the time we went down to eat lunch she was sound a sleep in her stroller, she was exhausted! It was a wonderful time together as a family and we are excited to go back again soon!

I am so cool!

This was the first time Hailey let us put sunglasses on her and after we clapped and cheered for her, she kept them on for a little while. She also thought it was pretty cool to do it herself, even if she didn't always put them on right. She also thought it would be pretty funny to jump in her pool after we were done taking a walk outside to cool....that is the reason she still has her clothes on and not her bathing suit! She is getting so big and truly loves the little things we do during the day.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Playing at the play ground.....

I couldn't help but put a lot of pictures of Hailey bug playing at the play ground. Since John has been home for the last couple of weeks, it has been nice to all do things together and one of Hailey's favorite things is to go outside. She loves this little play ground we have in our neighborhood and we put her on the swing for the first time. As you can see from the pictures she loves it! She just laughs and smiles so big. It is so wonderful to see her have so much fun with the littlest things. She also enjoyed playing in the water that collected at the end of the slide as well. We took Z with us and even though he enjoyed the walk, he didn't have as much fun as Hailey did. It was a wonderful time as a family and we are sure there will be more trips to the playground as Hailey will go to her stroller and cry if we don't put her in it to go outside. She loves the outdoors!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Steps...Finally!

I apologize for not being able to put a video or a picture of her walking, but to be honest she just did it at home. John is at home recovering from thumb surgery and while we were there, she stood up be herself and then took her first steps without us bugging her to do. We were so excited and even more excited for John to be able to see it. I am sure there is more to come from her, but we were so proud of her as she took her first steps and stood up without our help.....what a big girl!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Hailey's Favorite Things To Do.

We wanted to post some of our favorite pictures of Hailey bug....we have some of her dong her favorite thing, which is showing us that she wants us to read her a book. There are some that are her favorite and that she wants read all the time. There also is a picture of her standing up on the entertainment center and it makes her look so big. She is growing so much and really wanting to stand and reach for things. Then we have one of her and John outside...before we took that picture she wanted to sit in the grass, but didn't want to touch it. Now she is finally wanting to walk in it and so it is not such a big thing for her. Before she would cry if you tried to put her in it. So she has come a long way. But all in all she would play outside all day if we would let her...we hope you enjoy the pictures.

The Andersons

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Daddy's Money

Hailey thought that it would be fun to go through daddy's wallet the other day and see if she could find some money. We were talking about how we were already in trouble if she was trying to get our charge card and taking John's money. It was so funny to see how she would just throw it around and laugh....she was so cute!

Birthday continuation.....

Well, we had just a wonderful time celebrating Hailey's first birthday....and so we finally have had a couple minutes to sit down and post the rest of her pictures. It was such a wonderful time for her to be able to have some fun with all her friends and family. It was wonderful to get to see some of our family and friends that we have not had a chance to get to see recently. She only had a couple of melt downs and that was in partly due to her not having enough sleep for the day. But all in all she did wonderful and we loved watching her have fun. We had to put a picture of her knocked out after it all was over to show you how cute she was.

How Cute!

I couldn't help but post this picture of Hailey falling asleep on Lindsey Reed. Lindsey is a good friend of ours who plays on the softball team that we coach and her and Brian (her boyfriend) were over one night and she got Hailey to go to sleep on her. All it took was for her to read Hailey "hand hand finger thumb" book....a lot of times!